October 10, 2019

Latest company news about GLASSPROINDIA

GLASSPROINDIA is a professional glass International Exhibition in India. The exhibition hall is located in the largest seaport and important transportation area, known as India's "gateway to the west", is Mumbai. The exhibition was held by the experienced German Dussel Presented by Dorf exhibitions and glassballetin.


At present, with the government's large-scale implementation ambitious housing plans, coupled with income growth, are expected to generate $1.3 trillion in housing over the next seven years.

According to the forecast of CLSA, India will build new houses in 2018-2024. The compound annual growth rate of scale will jump to 8%. India also imports 500 tons of glass per day as an important supplier.


The prosperity of the construction industry will bring great opportunities to the glass industry, and the glass industry is expected to develop in the next few years. A relatively high growth rate was maintained during the year.

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